What Is the Correct Format for International Phone Numbers

Also – Countries sometimes format phone numbers in different ways. Different conventions can be used for the same phone number depending on where you are dialing from or the device connected to a number. In the rare cases where you provide a real phone number to contact a real person, use the following formats, depending on whether the number is in North America or elsewhere. The Canadian government has indicated on its Language Portal of Canada that numbers with a hyphen between each sequence should be written as follows: 1-NPA-NXX-XXXX or NPA-NXX-XXXX. [13] The 10-digit composition is now required in most regions of Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, as well as most regions of Ontario. Regions that do not yet require 10-digit numbering are the 807 area code of Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, although 10-digit dials may be accepted in some of these regions. Just like your CRM, each of these solutions has its own formatting rules in addition to hubSpot phone number formatting considerations that users should already consider. However, all these solutions accept the international E.164 phone number standard and are therefore the safe choice. Today, the E.164 phone number format is the international standard for formatting phone numbers worldwide. It was originally designed so that machines could be designed to reliably use phone numbers, which required standardization and consistency. In today`s world, the international standard of telephone number E. 164 to power a multitude of services and software.

Phone numbers contain several components. An area code. The phone number itself. Sometimes an international country code. Numbers are sometimes written with a slash between the zone prefix and the subscriber number. This applies to landline and mobile phone numbers. Sometimes dots are written between the blocks of the participant number. Examples: 0AA/BB BB BB, 0AA/BB.

BB. OBV for mobile phone numbers: 04AA/BB BB BB, 04AA/BB. BB. BB or 04AA/BBB. BBB. In Argentina, there are two types of special numbers. Three-digit numbers are used on the one hand for special services such as calling the police, firefighters or emergency doctors as well as to listen to the official time. In addition, telephone companies have three-digit numbers to report a problem on the lines or to request the number of another subscriber if no paper directory is available. All area codes, including mobile communications, begin with a “0” (root code) for domestic calls. If you`re dialing from another country, the international call code for Malaysia is “60,” which can be confusing.

Do not select an additional “0” before the rest of the numbers. For landline and mobile phone numbers, a hyphen is written between the area/mobile code and the subscriber number, with an optional space before the last four digits of the subscriber number. For example, a landline number in Kuala Lumpur is written 03-XXXX YYYY or 03-XXXXYYYY, while a landline number in Kota Kinabalu is written 088-XX YYYY or 088-XXYYYY. A typical mobile phone number is written 01M-XXX YYYY or 01M-XXXYYYY. Toll-free numbers and local toll numbers are written as 1-800-XX-AAAA and 1-300-XX-AAAA, respectively, while premium rate numbers are written as 600-XX-AAAA. Outside Lima, mobile phone numbers were 9, followed by six digits, or 9 XXX XXX. The changes in 2008 were a bit more complicated. In four departments (similar to the states), a 2-digit code must now be entered before the 9th. In the Example of Arequipa, the code of 95 must be entered before the 9, so the new numbering is 959 XXX XXX XXX. The other codes are 94 for La Libertad (Trujillo), 96 for Piura and 97 for Lambayeque (Chiclayo).

In the other 19 rural departments, the 9 is followed by the department`s 2-digit area code, then the 6-digit participant number. For example, Cusco`s area code is 84, so their new mobile numbering is 984 XXX XXX. The effect is that all Peruvian mobile phone numbers now have 9 digits; under the old system, they had 8 digits in Lima and 7 everywhere else. [18] Phone numbers in China have 10 or 11 digits (with the exception of an initial zero, which is sometimes required) and fall into at least four different categories: in many countries, including the United Kingdom, a “0” is defined at the beginning of the area code and subscriber number. With E.164, the “0” is usually removed, with a “+” and the country code added before the area code. At the national level, there are also a number of special service numbers such as 100 for the operator, 123 for the talking watch and 155 for the international operator, as well as 118 AAA for various telephone enquiry services and 116 AAA for various helplines. For some services, the number you call depends on the carrier you use to connect the call. 112 and 999 work to call emergency services. These numbers cannot be called from abroad. In addition, non-standard phone number formats make it difficult to deduple contacts and companies in your CRM. Matching phone numbers is a common way to identify duplicate records, and if you have non-standard formatting, there`s no guarantee that two duplicate records will match the same phone number. Insycle offers a number of ready-made phone number formatting templates for you to choose from, including E.164 Standard.

Another disadvantage of non-standard phone numbers is that you can be open to situations where duplicate contact and business records are created, destroying the customer`s unique view and making it harder for your teams to access the context they need to interact effectively with customers. Parentheses should not be used around the mobile prefix, as it is never optional and should always be dialed, even from another phone with the same area code. Beyond crm, you can rely on other software or integrations that have their own phone number formatting rules that you need to take into account. .